A Man of Indeterminate Value - book by Ron Felber

The Kafka Society
By Ron Felber

Publisher: Barricade Books
Publication Date: June 2014
Price: $16.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1569805107



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Jack Madson Is Back In A New Thriller By Ron Felber

From The Highest Echelons Of U.S. Intelligence To A Sinister World
Eight Stories Beneath The Streets Of New York, The Kafka Society
Uncovers A Secret Cabal Of Power, Corruption, And Greed

When last seen in A Man of Indeterminate Value, Jack Madson – who had spent three hundred heart-pumping pages faking his own death, tangling with Chinese criminal syndicates, and engaging with a host of dangerous characters – was about to begin a new life in Oregon. Now, in The Kafka Society, Madson has moved to Washington, DC to establish himself as a private detective.

When the novel opens, Madson awakens next to gorgeous stripper Amber Starr with whom he clearly spent a very pleasurable night. The catch? He has no memory of her at all. Still struggling to recall the prior twenty-four hours, Madson makes another discovery – this one more chilling. His car is drenched in blood, and in the trunk he finds something truly grisly – a decapitated head. Without a minute to think, he is thrust into the center of a murder investigation and the discovery of a secret cabal of power, corruption, and greed that touches both the FBI and Homeland Security.

After being questioned by the police, Madson is released from custody. Almost immediately, he receives a surprise call from his childhood friend, Tom Dougherty, now the head of East Coast operations for the FBI. Though it has been decades since they last spoke, Dougherty wants Madson to help extricate him from a blackmail scheme engineered by porn star Havana Spice. Is Doughtery's call, on the heels of Madson's strange morning, just a coincidence?

Madson's search for Havana takes him to New Jersey where he finds her at a drug-soaked strip club populated by Hell's Angels. He then follows her to New York and an even more outrageous venue, The Casanova Club, an underground sex circus located in the abandoned freight tunnels that crisscross Manhattan, stories below the city streets.

When the Homeland Security agent who had appeared at Madson's police interrogation in Washington surfaces again, Madson begins to suspect that he is caught in some sort of interagency warfare between the FBI and Homeland Security. But is that what's really going on? Along with Madson, the reader struggles to discover who is telling the truth in this increasingly sinister tale – and who may be pure evil. How did a death threat on a piece of paper with a strange cockroach watermark appear in Madson's pocket? Who is responsible for the grisly series of murders Madson begins to discover? And who – or what – is the Kafka Society?

Patrick Robinson, New York Times bestselling author of Lone Survivor and The Delta Solution, called Ron Felber's first Jack Madson novel "a tautly plotted thriller," declaring, "Gritty, fast-paced, and dynamic, the blend of dialogue, atmosphere, and action will grip readers from page one." With this same trademark style, The Kafka Society transports readers to places most would never visit, from the devout Catholic organization Opus Dei to a terrifying web of global human trafficking, and from the bizarre world of an elaborate sex club beneath the streets of New York to the rough and tough clubs of Hell's Angels.

With this latest installment in the Jack Madson trilogy, Felber's fast-paced storytelling and cutting observations once again engage and mystify, leading to questions about what we really know about the highest levels of police power and the darkest activities of the underworld.

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