Mojave Incident - Book by Ron Felber

Dark Angel
By Ron Felber

Publisher: Barricade Books
Publication Date: May 2016
Price: $16.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 978-0942637878

Mojave Incident - Book by Ron Felber

Mojave Incident
By Ron Felber

Publisher: Barricade Books
Publication Date: September 2015
Price: $16.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1569802137



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Here’s What People Have Said About Ron Felber’s Books

The Jack Madson Series

"Felber is back! His writing is gritty, truthful, in your face, and makes you feel like you've experienced something not many do." – Melody Deshaies, Goodreads

"Gritty, fast-paced, and dynamic, the blend of dialogue, atmosphere and action will grip readers from page one!" – Patrick Robinson, New York Times bestselling author of Lone Survivor and The Delta Solution

"Witty, riveting, and diabolically clever . . . a heart-pounding pace, exotic locales, unforgettable characters . . . Felber is a master storyteller!" – The Book Connection

"Felber's fast-paced storytelling and cutting-edge observations will engage and mystify readers . . . intense, edgy, gripping." – Book World

Mojave Incident

"The most frightening UFO book ever written!"
– Ken Korczak on

"This story needs to be heard by the masses - it's that important."
– S. Miller on

"The most terrifying and enlightening UFO story ever told!""
– Betsey Lewis, Rainbow Vision Network

Il Dottore: The Double Life of a Mafia Doctor

"An amazing story! Ron Felber presents a gripping account of a man trying to survive in two worlds, theirs and ours!" – Bill Bonanno, author of Bound by Honor

"A bombshell book about a mafia medico . . . hanging out with the likes of Richard Gere and Cybill Shepherd . . . until he faces the ultimate quandary in a choice between life and death." – Page Six, The New York Post

"A must read foe anyone interested in mob lore, a raging page-turner!"
Publishers Weekly

"Fantastic! Presents a new perspective on organized crime in the 20th Century."
Library Journal

The Privacy War: One Congressman, J. Edgar Hoover and the Fight for the Fourth Amendment

"A fascinating, crisply written story that touches many of the most important players and dramatic events of the last half-century!" – Gilbert M. Gaul, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Presidential Lessons in Leadership

"Compelling reading for anyone interested in excellence in leadership!" – Robert Dole, former United States Senator

"In every biography and every description, Ron Felber discovers something exciting and invigorating!" – Charlie Wilson, former United States Representative (deceased)


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