A Man of Indeterminate Value - book by Ron Felber

A Man of Indeterminate Value
By Ron Felber

Publisher: Barricade Books
Publication Date: June 2013
Price: $16.95/trade paperback
ISBN: 978-1569804902



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Chinese Criminal Syndicates, Vulture Capitalists,
A Faked Death, And A Cast Of Compelling Characters Make
A Man of Indeterminate Value A Nail-Biting, Tour De Force

Thriller By Business Insider Ron Felber Explores A World of Corrupt Corporations, Perverted Values, And Man’s Enduring Struggle For Salvation

In a world plagued by corrupt corporations, institutions gone haywire, and sinister forces that prowl the global landscape, Jack Madson needs to escape his own demons. Trapped in a hate-filled marriage, a job he despises, and the mountain of debt his wife has racked up, he’s crafted a plan. He’ll fake his own death – simultaneously winning a large insurance payout for his family and paving the way for his getaway to Mexico. There, he’ll create a new life with the proceeds he has been amassing from illegally selling intellectual property to criminal interests in China. But Madson’s plan goes dangerously wrong in Ron Felber’s nail-biting new thriller, A Man of Indeterminate Value (Barricade Books; June 2013).

A business thriller, A Man of Indeterminate Value exposes American corporate
greed and shortsightedness. Felber draws on his own experiences as the CEO of a U.S. manufacturing company, as a former deputy sheriff who transported federal criminals, and as a Golden Gloves boxer, to paint a startlingly real portrait of anti-hero Madson. “Jack Madson is locked in the myth of the American Dream,” Felber says. “Because he blindly follows the premise that money equates with happiness, every action he takes to free himself from the web of debt, compromise, drugs, booze, and climbing the ‘ladder of success,’ has the exact opposite effect of entangling him more deeply.”

Having been forced out of Georgetown University when his scholarship money dries up, Jack Madson spends a few years as a D.C. cop until he’s able to land an executive job at NuGeneration Holdings, a hyper-aggressive Wall Street firm that buys and guts American manufacturing companies. Madson quickly grows to detest his firm’s hypocrisy. But, he eventually finds himself as jaded as the bosses he scorns when he starts selling the trade secrets of the companies NuGen acquires to the illicit Chinese Triads.

The $2.5 million that he socks away in a secret Mexican bank account becomes Madson’s escape route from all that has come to symbolize his miserable life. But when he finally arrives south-of-the-border, he learns that he’s been double-crossed by his partner in crime – and his bank account is empty. Madson has no choice but to return to the States and make a last ditch effort to double his ill-begotten payoff. The hitch? He must break into the computer system at NuGen to retrieve highly valuable bio-tech secrets.

As bodies pile up, Madson struggles to stay one step ahead of the laser-focused insurance claims investigator who is determined to prove that his “accidental death” is anything but. This modern day anti-hero’s choices increasingly begin to resemble those of yesteryear’s outlaws.

A Man of Indeterminate Value is the first book in a trilogy featuring Jack Madson. Chock-full of drama, action, sex, and the author’s unique perspective on global business, psychology, and the plight of a man desperately seeking salvation, A Man of Indeterminate Value is a tour de force that will grab readers from its very first page.

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